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When Sorry Isn’t Enough in the Workplace

Jennifer Thomas is an author, coach, and psychologist who helps people know what to say in any situation.

Even in the best companies, co-workers have faults, interpersonal tension impedes progress, and employees make big mistakes. Customers get disappointed and without successful apologies, the companies will lose their business. Today’s marketplace requires that you know the essentials of successful customer service apologies. Simply saying you’re sorry is usually not enough. Jennifer will share her new approach to apologies that is making a difference in many companies today. Coaches will gain practical new insights about handling offenses and rebuilding trust that can be used in both 1:1 coaching sessions and group trainings.

The session will include:

Jennifer’s 2013 book, When Sorry Isn’t Enough (previously published as The Five Languages of Apology with Dr. Gary Chapman), is now being used in customer service training. Her expertise helps readers and leaders know the right things to say to keep growing.

Jennifer has lived in Greensboro since 1998 and she’s been attending TCC sessions for a year. She’ll be a speaker at this year’s TedX event at Triad Stage on May 7th.To learn more about Jennifer Thomas and her work, go to her website: