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Values Perspectives: What Drives Your Life and the Life of Your Clients?

  • Discovery Learning 431 Spring Garden Street Greensboro, NC, 27401 United States (map)

Values Perspectives:  What Drives Your Life and the Life of Your Clients? With the co-authors of What’s Important: Understanding and Working with Values Perspective

Cheryl De Ciantis and Kenton Hyatt

Cheryl De Ciantis and Kenton Hyatt are very pleased to be presenting their work to experienced colleagues and peer professionals in the field of coaching, facilitation and human and organizational development. The Values Perspectives is a different way of looking at and working with values which avoids the pervasive bias in 20th century values theory that privileges “higher and better” over adequate reach across the span of possible values, and the advantages of diversity. Values Perspectives speaks to all levels of engagement, whether you or your client want to really understand what drives one’s own life and work choices; or if the goal is to build a foundation of shared values energy within a team; or, align the organization behind a truly shared sense of purpose. Values Perspectives looks, in a non-judgmental way, at both one’s highest-priority values—one’s real, every day values energy—and at the worldview-lens that colors how individuals, groups, and organizations interpret our values—and the values of others around us.

The session will include:

  • A description of the theory and survey
  • Application examples and data,
  • Time for questions and comments.

Kenton and Cheryl’s 2014 book, What’s Important: Understanding and Working with Values Perspectives, explains the theory and is also a practical handbook for the coach, counselor, teacher, internal or external consultant and change agent who knows that values are our deepest drivers, and that values can unlock immense potential for self-awareness, communication, influence and positive group energy when we know how.

To learn more about Cheryl and Kenton and their work go to their website:

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